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God, it was a night full of crazy dreams, that I only remember fragments of.

There was the guy who came up with a chip that would turn all us human beings into monsters, and somehow I had to stop him from plugging this into the electrical grid. Somehow i managed that, and there was one chip left, and he was wearing some sort of strange collar, and he plugged the chip into that. And I ripped the collar off of him, and he just kinda smiled at me and said "It's done. You did it. It wouldn't have happened until you ripped the collar off." And with that, he started to change into this monster, and I squished him, but he came back and was laughing that it wouldn't change anything, until I stabbed him with a pin and he deflated. Go figure. And no, humanity was saved.

Then I was with whytraven and we were somewhere in Sacramento. I was in a wheelchair and she was pushing me around. (I can't remember what necessitated the use of a wheelchair. Anyway, there were these blog posts posted outside rooms in a university (which wasn't anywhere I knew) and we were trying to find them, but we couldn't. It turns out we were in the wrong building. And with that, I told Raven to let me push myself and she's like "Are you sure?" and I said, "Well, I'm going to have to learn sometime." And then we found the right building, and the blog posts were interesting, but there was some controversy that I can't remember, and then it ended.

And then finally, I was in the car with my grandma, and my grandma had bought a book, and was planning to go deliver it to a friend for his birthday. And we got to his house, and it turns out there was a line out the door. It was his birthday after all. It turned out that Grandma's friend was lirazel's husband (and yes, Lira, I remember thinking how ironic it was that Grandma had bought him a book...) and it turned out my whole family was there to celebrate his birthday. I guess we were all pretty good friends. And things were going well (they had a big house) and it was comfortably warm, and we were having a good time, when a stranger showed up, said "You would have had more warning if you'd heeded my words," and painted a sigil on the door to the outside. I recognized the sigil from a job I'd done (which I seem to recall was B5, go figure. I should be more discriminate in my choices of entertainment before bed, I suppose). And as I said, I recognized the sigil, and realized we had a very short amount of time before we would die, so I used my command voice and ordered everybody out. And to their credit, people started filing out in an orderly fashion. And I'm shouting for Lira, who's upstairs with her husband, and holding the door, because if anybody's going to die that day, it wasn't going to be anybody but me. Luckily, Lira and her husband showed up at the last moment, and they exited and I followed. And then nothing happened, but I'm very relieved that everybody got out.

And then I woke up. My dreams get crazy odd.
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