the one and only truly amazing katster (katster) wrote,
the one and only truly amazing katster

February by the numbers.

~13 books read since Feb 1. (24 books read since Jan 1, 2007, which puts me on pace for 144 books through the year, well over my target of 100.)

(Note to self: the last book read this month was Ghost Brigades, by John Scalzi. Remember this if you want to do another by the numbers post for March.)

56 episodes of Babylon 5 watched in February. (good show!)

13,648 words written on the novel (and still not finished, *sigh*).

7 posts made to this LJ. (Pathetic, really.)

5 attempts to clean this room, none of which have lead anywhere.

2 trips to the dog park, which is fun because Britney isn't sure what to do with other dogs.

0 quizzes taken in my online business class. (I really need to fix that.)

197 books entered into my catalog on LibraryThing

and, finally,

1 appointment made that may help me start moving on my goals.

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