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in which katster makes a confession and recommends a book

I've got a confession to make. I love the Young Adult shelves at my local library.

It seems kinda funny. Here I am, an adult, who sometimes feels like she ought to be past that stage. I should be tackling the huge and ponderous tomes that line the fiction shelves. It's more my speed, after all. A challenge. Truth is, I don't like a lot of those books. The YA stuff feels more real, more down-to-earth, and there's some really good storytelling going on there. Over the last year, I've stumbled across a few gems by browsing those shelves.

(And then there was the time I read through all forty -- that's right, there's forty of the suckers -- books in the Left Behind: The Kids series. The less said about that horrific experience, the better.)

Anyway, I just finished a really good book. I pulled it off the shelf for the title: Love, Football, and Other Contact Sports. (And if you're looking for proof that a good title gets you readers, there's your proof right there.) Anyway, it's a hilarious book -- opening with "A Girl's Guide to Football Players", which had me snickering from the get-go, and then of course the obligatory return, "A Football Player's Guide to Love". And from there it goes into a sequence of stories that are funny, heartwarming, and generally wonderful tales of high school. Sure, a lot of the stories circulate around football, but what American high school doesn't have football at the center of its social world? Mine sure did. (Go Cubs!)

Besides, it's not just about football.

It's life. At least, a lot of it rung true from my days in high school. Maybe they won't for you, but hey. That's the way it goes.

It does make me want to try to write some of the stories from Four Corners that are kicking around my head. Particularly the one that seems to be entitled "Touchdown Sally". (And the one that seems to be entitled "The Fortune Cookie Caper", which is based on a true event from my high school days. It's a long story. Maybe I ought to write it out, instead.)

Anyway, the book comes highly recommended, if you like YA stuff. It's funny, touching, and brilliantly conceived.

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