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Well...I feel okay this evening, despite having my worst fears confirmed. Mom has cancer. Leukemia. Dammit. But it's okay. it's not the fatal kind...well, not the most fatal anyway. So she's in the hospital for the next ...oh twenty to forty days. This is not fun. But we'll deal anyway.

So I wanna talk about a few funnies. Like great-grandma's birthday card to mom. It reads, "Hope it's the best birthday ever!" Oops. %) Mom's birthday was the 9th, and it was the day she pretty much was told that she wasn't gonna be working for a year. And she told me and she's like "Well, it's like you getting chicken pox on your birthday, but much worse." And I said, "I think you win, Mom."

My family has always gotten through crisis by laughing. That's just the way my dad is, so it's scary when he gets silent. And I think I nearly saw him cry. That was hard. He loves Mom, and I know it.

Anyway, keep my family in your hopes and thoughts and prayers.

On a happier note, happy birthday to Ari. Who still remains older than me by having a bday. ;) I keep trying to catch up, but she won't let me. She's a real good friend too, and we spent hours chatting on the phone this evening, which helped. it's always nice to talk to your buddies by phone, especially about bad news.

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