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crazy dreams.

what a whacked out night, dream-wise.

The first one seemed to involve my going up to the ISS on a regular basis for some sort of appointment. The station is much more finished than it is now, and there were regular shuttles departing and heading back to Earth, which is why I could go for appointments. Although occasionally, I got to ride the shuttle down, and that was a trip. In fact, there was that 'ten things you've done' meme, in which you put ten unusual things you've done, and I seriously had "Went to the ISS" and "Rode the Space Shuttle" on my list of things. I don't remember much more than that.

The second one, my mom and I were trying to get to a girl scout meeting. We were off in the boonies somewhere and we turned down the wrong road and walked and walked and walked. (IRL, Mom can't walk that long, which made this interesting.) And just when we realized it was the wrong road and there was no way we were getting to the meeting on time, my sister pulled up in the car and asked if we needed a ride. How did she know? Time travel seemed to be involved, because after she'd dropped us off, I told her that now she needed to go back in time and pick us up. This dream kinda faded after a bit.

The third dream, I'm on the phone with a telemarketer. And the telemarketer is looking for someone named Annette, who isn't at this phone number anymore, but she just won't accept no for an answer. I mean, she accepted at first that Annette wasn't at the number and that we were on the do not call list, but she was very hesitant about actually taking the number off. We keep going around and around, me dipping deeper into my stock of profanity each go around in my trying to tell her to take this number off her damned (although I used a stronger explicative) list. Finally, she said, "Well, okay, but do you mind if we send somebody out there to check if Annette is no longer at this number."

We were about to get into an argument about escalating to her supervisor, when my mother opened the door to let the effing cat in and then decided that, because I was awake, I could also get her lunch and her soda. And also that she hadn't slept all night. This is getting *really* bloody annoying.

I think they're just anxiety dreams, because it's been a rough week, but if anybody has any insights, I'd love to hear them.
Tags: dreams, parental annoyance

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