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if I flip it to the friendspace, maybe somebody might have an answer...

It's very tentative, and it depends on a few things (like where the family is going for Thanksgiving and stuff of that nature), but there is a slowly growing chance that I'll actually be going to LosCon this year.

The big thing weighing against it is sleeping space. I can't afford three nights, but I could, theoretically, afford a night and a half. So I guess I'm asking if anybody knows of somebody who's looking for a roommate, or might even have a corner I could call my own. I'll still be tentative on a yes or a no for sure through mid-August as I check in with extended family about Thanksgiving plans, but I figured I'd better sniff around (since I'm about 85% sure those plans will fall in my favor).

So, there it is. And now I go back to toiling away in the mines cleaning my room.

[Yes, I know I left the Westercon trip report hanging, concrud made a late appearance and kicked my ass, and I'm just now getting better. There shall be more in a few days.]

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