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Haven't wrote in a while. Kinda busy.

Not allowed to visit my mom at the moment, stupid sinus infection that won't go away. But I got my grandma to deliever a gift to her for mothers day...(two blue chiffon bears, one dark blue almost black, and the other is a bright, almost royal blue.) They're decorating the room and making mom happy. I'm happy. And I can at least talk to her on the phone. the contents of Mom's room are two blue chiffon bears, one grey teddy bear, one miniture stuffed black lab (we have a Lab at home, and we didn't want mom to miss her too much), some lego like round things I picked up at Dennys for her, some fake flowers from Libby (her best friend), a CD holder from Jill, a futon (so Dad can spend the night), three TVs (one with cable, one with a VCR, and one extra), two CD players, all her CDs from home, whatever else that other people have given her that I haven't seen, and a view of Redding to top it off.

Mercy is at the top of one of the low foothills that surround Redding, and so the view of the city from up there is just spectacular. The one thing Redding has going for it is that there are TREES everywhere, so you look down upon all these lush verdant fields of green...

She starts chemo tomorrow. I hope it goes well for her. I miss having her around the house.

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