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calling the poh-leez.

I had to call 911 tonight.

Now, those folks who know me know that I'm very much a live and let live and go with the flow type person when it comes to people having fun. I don't grok a lot of things people do that is considered fun, but I'm also very aware that my definition of fun isn't much like anybody else, so ... no biggie. Try not to get too obvious about it, and I'll overlook noise and booze and one hundred of your closest friends that you've never met before coming to party at your house.

But when those one hundred of your closest friends set up in the street next to my car and start threatening to beat the pulp out of each other, it is at that point that I have to step in and get the police involved. And if you're stupid enough not to get out of the road and act like you weren't doing anything wrong when the nice officer drives by, you deserve whatever's coming next. (It was pretty funny. One cruiser drove by on the main street, which you can see from here, and some girl calls out, "Knock it off, it's the poh-leez!" But they kept at it until they came down the street onto the cul-de-sac I live on, lights on. No siren, though. Guess they were keeping the peace.)

Sadly, though, nobody was hauled away in the back of a squad car. For some reason, I think I would have been happier if that had occurred.

(To explain, one of my neighbors likes to throw gihugerant parties. Sometimes, they even have two or three in the same weekend. It's pretty obvious that they don't know everybody at the party, and over the course of the year, we've observed drug deals go down across the street, people peeing in the yard, purses and wallets stolen, and then this near-fight. Also, overhearing the conversation, it's a fair guess (although just hearsay) that they're charging admission to their parties. I'm trying to figure out just what they have to do to get drug away in the back of the squad car, because they just don't care.)

Anyway, I'm of the firm belief that I must be damned sure that it's an emergency before I'll dial those three fateful digits on the phone. Tonight was marginal, but there was about thirty people in the street, they were getting loud, and they were swirling in that particular way that signaled 'imminent fight'. Plus, it got the cops out here to break up the party, and that was good. It's peaceful on my street now.

So I will sleep.

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