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Introducing the Canada Fund.

So...a month or so ago, I don't remember the exact context, but the conversation in #spork turned to the matter of the last time that zibblsnrt and I were in the same place. And I made some smart alec comment about how if they wanted Zibb and I in the same place so much, then why don't they donate to the cause, hoping that would shut them up. It backfired on me but good.

Since then, I've been hounded to put up a paypal button so that people could donate to the cause. And since I've just spent the semester doing InDesign work, of course, I had to make a logo and an ad campaign for this goofy little thing. Some of them are poignant, some of them are humorous, and some of them are bordering on the line between funny and tasteless. However, it's just what my brain does...

Here, of course, is the work:

And of course, for everybody to have their own fun, here's the blank:

Anyway, I want to make it clear that nobody is in any way obligated to contribute anything to this fund, as I'd probably have scraped up the money here in a year or two to get up there. This will, I admit, speed the process. However, I find it awkward to post this at all, and the only reason I've done so is because friends have requested it of me. (zibblsnrt is away from his computer at the moment, I can only *imagine* how dead I'm going to be when he sees this post. But it will have been worth it!)

So. Here's the paypal button:

Do what you will.


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