the one and only truly amazing katster (katster) wrote,
the one and only truly amazing katster

storm watch

[10:10] kjatster wow, that was just amazingly unpleasant.
[10:10] * kjatster stepped outside. In the rain. And the 41mph (66 kph) wind.
[10:12] kjatster with the occasional 56mph (90 kph) gust.
[10:12] Shadur That's horizontal or thereabouts, isn't it?
[10:12] kjatster Pretty close.
[10:13] * kjatster was clearing the drain, to keep the street from flooding as best I can.
[10:13] kjatster but when some of those gusts happened, it was just simply a matter of staying as close to the ground as possible and bracing.

Luckily, other than minor blinks, we've not lost power. We're about to lose the canopy awning and the willow tree in the backyard if this keeps up, though. And in my travels, I found a bucket that had been blown around -- it's now safely stashed in the garage.

And it sounds worse now than when I was out in it. Ugh, what a day!

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