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Another day, another grind.

Good morning LJ world!

This morning, I have another document to edit, so I will be getting to work as soon as I finish typing this thing. I am also beginning work on my Feb APAzine (especially since I slacked and missed January's distribution), which has me going all the way back to the Baltimore trip to try to catch my impressions. It's a blast.

BTW, actual conversation I had with the friend I'm bringing to Baycon this year:
[her] The thing is, if I'm going to keep with the theme, it'll be more historical and/or fantasy than science fiction.
[me] Look, they do regency dancing at these things. I don't think historical is going to be a problem.

(I talked said friend into going to Baycon with me simply by saying "People wander around in costume." She liked that idea.)

So what's going on in your neck of the woods, gentle LJ readers?


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