the one and only truly amazing katster (katster) wrote,
the one and only truly amazing katster

What a week.

Sunday morning dawned bright and early with me hovered over the toilet bowl proceeding to evacuate Saturday night's dinner and snack out the in door, so to speak. I suspected the cookie dough I ate last night, hovering on the expiration date. Like a desperately hungry wizard in Nethack, I had chanced on eating something dubious, and was paying for that privilege by coming up with new and entertaining ways to worship Anhur. The evacuation scheme was soon followed by a different sort, that would last for a few days. Typical gastrointestinal problems. There was another entertaining round of my stomach trying to send things out the in door once more, this time more nasty because I hadn't eaten anything, and the other evacuation point was threatening to help. It was not joyous being me on Sunday.

I took Monday off work. Good thing, because I was still gooey, and on the slight chance this was a stomach bug, I didn't need to be passing it around at work. Jill comes down sick with it later that evening, and Mom soon follows. Dad comes home, to find all three of us asleep and no dinner and gets slightly upset at Mom until she can get out 'We're siiiiiick.' Later that evening, I feel well enough to attempt eating Sunday night's dinner; spent all night paying for it with my stomach heaving around like a ship in a hurricane. Thankfully, this time we managed to keep things from going out the in door.

Tuesday, I show up on a conference call for work, but am still ick, so I decide not to go to accounting class that night. Wise move. Dad comes home from work early, and ends up retching as well, and at one point we find him asleep on the floor of the bathroom. Let me note that Dad never gets sick. That made me realize that it was a highly virulent stomach bug and probably not food poisoning.

Wednesday, I get up and go sit in the bathtub. I was at about 75% of normal, and Wednesdays are my normal telecommuting days, so Mom suggests not trying to to make it to the office and instead working from home. This I do, and Mom even seems to be more chipper, so things seem to be going well. But towards the end of the afternoon, she starts feeling worse and asks me to go to the store to fetch cough syrup for her. No problem. We take her temp before we leave, and find it's 100.5. High but not hideously high. When we get home from running errands, we find it's spiked to 101.7. Oh dear. Advice nurse suggests calling for an appointment in the morning. Okay.

Today is the day everything went to flipping heck. I worked from home four hours, which combined with the two hour conference call on Tuesday made up for Monday's sick day. There are no appointments at Mom's doctor. Typical of the US healthcare system, really. Don't forget, best healthcare in the world! ;P So she waits for me to finish up, and I get ready to take her. We got here at three PM, waited in the triage line for forty minutes, and within five minutes of having taken Mom's vitals, asks us to step aside to get an EKG. EKG is taken, and based on those results, a room is found for Mom immediately. It's the first time I've been to UCD Med's ER and not had to wait hours and hours in the waiting room. To be frank, it's a little nervewracking when things don't go to expectation. However, it'll be a while. I decide to skip class again. Some things are more important.

So she gets treated pretty fast, and by seven, it doesn't look like it's pneumonia, and it doesn't look like it's a heart attack. However, the IV kinked, and the saline solution they wanted to give her hadn't done anything. They fix it, Dad shows up, I go to dinner, and when I come back, it doesn't look like it's drained at all. Turns out the line kinked again. *sigh* Anyway, point is, they weren't going to let her go until the saline finished, and then Mom goes and spikes a 39 degree fever. (That's Celsius, btw --- it's about 102.2F.) A urine sample comes back clean. Not an infection lurking there...

Doctors are now baffled. They order a CAT scan (because Cats can be deadly, and all your base belong to him) to make sure it's not a blood clot in her lung. They also give her antibiotics. And more saline. Mmm, saline. Where was I? Oh yeah, right here in the ER, waiting for mom to get back from her scan. Okay.

Anyway, short of it is that the docs don't know. At this rate, she's probably going to get to spend the night upstairs. Oh yeah, and the dishwasher and the garage spring both broke. What a day, eh?

And I still have to work tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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