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Went to Wondercon, and I'm now back in Sactown.


jms *squee*
jms' tendency towards self-depreciation. It actually helps.
Getting Phil Foglio to sign a copy of GG for me.
Wall-E is going to *rock*
Did I mention jms?
I now have a extra life in handy pocket size.
Also, I have a copy of the Chron from October 18, 1989.
I mentioned jms, right? I have a picture!
Found a copy of Transmet #2 in the half price bins, so started that replacement cycle.
Train rides. Train rides are cool.
Getting into Sactown half an hour early.
jms. What, I said that?

Could have been bad, but turned out good:
My headphones (and mp3 player) got turned into lost and found after I stupidly took them out of my bag and didn't put them back.
Weather held off. It was a little cold and windy on the platform at Richmond, but not horrible.

Crowds. I'm not a big crowd person, and sometimes it got frustrating to try to get anywhere in the exhibition hall.
Expensive Moscone Center food and drink.

All in all, I had a blast.

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