the one and only truly amazing katster (katster) wrote,
the one and only truly amazing katster

the may death march

These are the next two weeks in my schedule.

Fri, May 9th: Mom’s 50th birthday. Taking her to lunch. Going out to dinner. Must go down to UCD and pick up paperwork. Must clean house. Homework due in Excel class.

Sat, May 10th: Mom’s family comes for Mom’s bday/Mother’s Day. House must be clean by 11 AM.

Sun, May 11th: Work day to catch up with homework. Need to call Ei and wish happy birthday.

Mon, May 12th: Mom goes back to work. I think I have homework due in Excel class. Work. Need to call and wish [info]tanesmuti happy birthday.

Tue, May 13th: Mom works. I might work. I might be working on final project in Excel class.

Wed, May 14th: Mom works. I work. Final project due in Excel class.

Thurs, May 15th: Mom works. I probably will work.

Fri, May 16th: Mom works. I probably will not, but I will be studying. Need to go to Roseville and pick up ribbons.

Sat, May 17th: Excel Final Exam.

Sun, May 18th: Breathe, because things are about to get ugly.

Mon, May 19th: Work. Mom works.

Tues, May 20th: Mom works. Final exam Accounting. Must have homework done. Must have five article reviews done. May have to work some.

Wed, May 21th: Mom works half day. I work? Mom has appointment with DMV to plead with them to keep her license.

Thurs, May 22nd: Work. Mom works. Ei comes down. Going to see Caspian with Ei. Must be packed for Baycon by this point.

Fri, May 23rd: Drive to Bay Area with Ei for BAYCON!

Yeah, it’s going to be an exhausing couple of weeks.

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