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“What is true about you is what is true”

I don’t know how long ago I stumbled upon Real Life Preacher. I know it was back before we even knew his name, back when his blog was on Salon, but it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that there was a guy, who claimed to be a real life preacher, and he was saying some incredibly moving and profound things. As somebody who came out of a fundamentalist Christian background and was wrestling with what her faith entailed, Preacher was a light in the darkness. He said things that were profound, things that helped me come to terms with my past and given me ideas. For that I can’t think him enough.

He’s hit another one out of the park with his most recent blog entry: Spam & Grey Poupon. He starts off telling the story of the time he put Grey Poupon on spam and his love of cake icing and his determined fascination with getting just the right bag of Goldfish crackers, and manages to take those things and fasten them together to make a profound point.

Go read it. It’s beautiful.

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