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Live by the sword…

So, trawling the web today lead me to this SF Chronicle article: Prison guards move to recall Schwarzenegger

Union officials planned to deliver the petition to Schwarzenegger later today or Tuesday. The governor has seven days to respond, after which the union will file the petition with the Secretary of State to begin a signature drive for a special recall election, said Lance Corcoran, a spokesman for the union. The recall drive would eventually need 1,041,530 valid signatures to qualify for a statewide ballot.

Yes, I find it amusing that what the recall bringeth, it can also taketh away. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

I don’t know if I agree; things are complicated in California already without throwing a volatile recall into the mix. OTOH, the prison guards have been working without a contract since 2006 and the state government is effed up six ways from Sunday. Hell, lesser transgressions are what got Gray Davis kicked out.

So in the end, I just find the whole thing amusingly funny.

[Unrelated: Maru, I saw your LJ comment. I haven't unscreened it yet, because I'm still working on a response.]

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