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you’re finis!

finis_coverY’all might recall about a year and a half ago, or thereabouts, how I was going on about a small work I’d contributed to and how you all should buy a copy or three. I dunno if any of you actually did at the time. I can understand why not, but hey, it was my debut, and I’m kinda proud of it.

Anyway, I hear from the horse’s mouth (which would be [info]macklinr himself) that the price of the book is now $15, or you can get a PDF for $8, if you’re the sort that likes reading on the screen. So I’d still encourage you to pick up a copy if you think you might be interested.

The place to purchase them is here: Book / PDF / I can’t decide! Both!

(There’s a discount if you buy both with that third link…)

Anyway, when the future reveals that I have become something — either famous or infamous, you never can tell — the book might just be a collector’s item. Besides, it’s good fun and full of good writing.

There’ll be more later, I just saw a note about this in Ryan’s journal and wanted to make note of it.

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