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I need motivation.

Day 2. Still at 23 words. Maybe I can make some headway over the weekend.

Math test happened, I don't know how I did, I did the best I could at figuring it out.

Got a 20/20 in my powerpoint class. That puts me at 145/150 at the halfway point in terms of points. That makes me happy.

And psych was psych.

Then I got home and crashed out. After writing a christmas list for my mother. Oh yeah, and I added a new penguin to my collection thanks to Ari. I've named him Tipsy, because he's got a string you pull which makes him vibrate. And Moving Pictures, which is good so far. Thanks, Ari!

My ACLU card showed up too. So it was a good day.

Maybe tomorrow I'll have more motivation.
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