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[TFtC] A bad accident

[Fourth in an occasional series]

My entrance to Interstate 80 is usually Elkhorn Blvd. (For those of you who don’t live in the Sacramento area, this tidbit isn’t going to mean much, but it is what it is.) I have three options — Elkhorn, Madison, and Watt — but of the three, Elkhorn is the closest to my house and it has the advantage of putting me just high enough above the I-80/Cap City split to get over into through traffic before the split happens. Given that the Cap City backs up like *crazy*, this extra bit of space is important.

But that’s not the point here. The point is, to get out to the freeway on Elkhorn, I have to get down to Elkhorn and follow it along for a ways.

Ah, here’s an approximate Google map of my commute:

View Larger Map

Elkhorn is the road that curves across to the east above the “North Highlands” label. Anyway, I had just made the left (the right angle onto the road) and looked down to the next light to see flashing lights. Oh, oh, something’s going on. As I get closer, I see a school bus sitting by the edge of the road, and it’s all smashed in on the left and rear sides. A bit closer than that, and there’s an Arco gasoline tanker truck sitting on the median with its front all smashed in. There are flares in the road, and a CHP officer is waving us through the intersection despite the red light. (The accident was blocking all the lanes going in the other direction, but our lanes were relatively clear.)

Given the orientation of the accident, and the fact it was an an intersection, I’m fairly certain somebody was racing the light. Although, at work, one of my co-workers said that, really, neither of those vehicles should really be racing a light.

Here’s a story done by one of the local TV stations, which says that there were no kids on the school bus. You ought to watch the footage, though — that’s a pretty impressive smash-up.

There’s some other thoughts I have on similar matters, but it’ll hold. Stay tuned.

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