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o/~ there were three men down and the season lost o/~

well. I'm feeling better.

I went to see Monsters, Inc. today. Good movie. Pixar has fun making their movies, and you can see it in every film they've come out with. And in this one, you can tell they're a bunch of California guys (Monsters, Inc., the corporation in the movie, is a really hilarious spoof on Pacific Gas and Electricity, if you're from Northern California...if you're not, it's still funny, just you might not get some of the really in-jokes.)

Anyway, it's a typical good Pixar movie, and if you can stomach giving a few bucks to the Disney corporation, it's definitely worth it. Of course Pixar films are worth the price of admission in the short film they have traditionally stuck on the front of their feature length presentation. This one was called "To the Birds", and that's all I'll give away on it.

As for writing...I may disavow it. That doesn't mean I'll necesarily get rid of it. I just need, until I've banged enough rocks together to get back into the flow of it, not to be reminded of past obligations. Let me field enough of the easy fungo balls that are my own projects this month. To get back into the swing of things. I'm very out of practice and that's frustrating me more than anything I suspect.

So yeah, I can't get rid of it. I still need to get back into practice. We'll see what happens. Living at home is annoying for the writing pursuit, especially because everybody thinks they have carte blanche permission to interrupt. Because anything I'm doing on my computer must not be important, right?

Oh yah, and congrats to the World Champion Arizona Diamondbacks. Couldn't have been a better team. And yeah, I know, all you New Yorkers were rooting for the Yankees after this fall's disaster, and I could have gone along with that...except, three in a row were enough. But it was a good series. (Interestingly enough, the quote/song for this post are by a Yankees fan. But Paul Simon makes good music, so I can forgive him the choice of teams...)

Hanging up the spikes until next year...and hoping like hell the Giants can manage to hang on to Bonds...(doubtful, but I can wish.)

Oh yeah, and after the Cal Bears have gone 0-8, football coach Tom Holmoe has announced his resignation, effective the end of the season. We only need to lose to USC, Stanfurd, and Rutgers to complete the "perfect" yeah, it's good being a Cal fan right now, even though the team sucks. :)

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