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zero day

First of all, and I know this is becoming annoying, please donate to help send me to The Night of Writing Dangerously. I just need 15 more people to donate $10 each, and the clock is starting to tick down. (I have to make it to the goal by Nov. 18!) This is what I’d like for my birthday, so if you can spare a bit, I’d appreciate it.

That said, I’m taking a zero day today. There’s a strange concept at work these days called work, and so I’ve been doing that. And then there was school. At least it’s the class I like, so there’s a good thing.

I’m feeling a bit better tonight, although I suspect the chronic low-level depression won’t go away until I address some of the structural problems underlying some of it. This is harder than it looks.

And with that said, I’ve got an interesting question for you to chew on. It’s two AM, and you’re driving a lonely highway. As you approach a red light, you can clearly see that there’s nobody around at all.

So why do you stop?

Just a thought.

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