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Random thoughts from ye olde brain of mine:

* The stoplight question from a few days ago? The reason it came up was that I was reading a fascinating book about traffic and automobiles, and in a discussion about relative corruption levels and traffic laws obeyed, he brought up that point — that even at 2 AM, when the roads are deserted and you’d have just about the perfect opportunity to get away with running the red, you still stop. Stopping at red lights is that powerfully engraved in your psyche. Of course, he points out, the same can’t be said about speed limits. ;)

Anyway, fascinating question, and that’s why I thought I’d bring it up. My thanks to [info]glinda_w,[info]lirazel, and [info]melchar for engaging me with it.

* I crossed the halfway point tonight. I’ll update the graph later, and then open the betting pool for when I’m going to cross the 50k mark. ;) Sadly, there will be no prize other than our happy recognition and cheers for being the closest.

* Had a bit of a meltdown at work; talked with one of my coworkers; she gave me some really good thoughts. Yah, I think the rest of this year is going to be getting myself aligned and ready to hit the ground running in 2010. And yeah, I’ll be looking just about everywhere I can.

* Came across a bumper sticker on the drive home tonight that read, “It’s time for America to bless God!” You know, the funny thing is, I thought it worked the other way around…

* If Paypal will hurry it up, I’ll be going to the Bay Area for the Night of Writing Dangerously, as the last bit I need is coming across that way. My thanks to everybody that helped. There will be a longer post about this in the next few days, once things are confirmed.

* And that’s about it.


PS: Google Chrome DOES NOT play nice with Wordpress. It just kinda ignores it when you hit the publish button…

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