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zero day and other potpourri

After I finish this, I’m going to go write about a paragraph or so into the novel file so that it isn’t a true zero day, but it’s as close to zero as I’m going to get. I’m about six days ahead of the game, and I figure if I put in a superhuman effort, I may be across the 50k boundary by the end of next weekend. It’s just a guess, though, and things could change. The betting pool is still open. ;)

That said, I’ve managed to raise the $200 I need to go to the Night of Writing Dangerously, and my thanks go out to everybody who contributed. As soon as my next paycheck drops, I’ll buy thank you cards that I can write in and begin the task of writing thank you cards to everybody who donated to the cause. I’ll probably make a blog post about it too.

Other than that, things go as expected. I have a post in mind for Thursday that I should probably start writing now, because I can’t type it up in ten minutes. Got another post sitting on the back burner half-typed. Got a few suggestions, too, and I might go with some of those. Could use more suggestions too. If you’ve got any, feel free to throw them at me.

And that will do it for tonight. Back tomorrow, hopefully.

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