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been busy and jeez, some people…

…yeah. I’m around, just not here and not in a lot of my other haunts. I’ve been out getting fresh air and dealing with a lot of the related crap therapy brings up. No biggie, just if anybody cared why the radio silence, that sums it up.

I’m a little sore right now. You see, there’s something in geocaching called ‘FTF’. That means, First to Find, and it’s — well, kinda like writing ‘first!’ on a blog post, except sometimes people put extra things in their caches to reward those who are first. It’s a bit of fun to discover you’re first, but it’s an added bonus, IMO.

Anyway, yesterday, I went on a geocaching spree, picking up 18 over the course of the day, including one FTF, and when I get home, I’m pretty tired and my dad’s on the computer, so I just go to bed thinking, well, I’ll log my stuff in the morning.

I get it logged this morning. Then I get an email. I’ll leave out the other cacher involved, but here’s the note [this is copied directly out of the original]:


I’m very disappointed in your FTF logging. As FTF logs go its your responsibility to log the FTF in a timely mannor so others can plan their caching day/night.
Up till 8am today May 2nd no log from you or the person after you, both of you logged the paper on the 1st.

I only wish you the best in geocaching and ask you to post on the web site in a timely mannor for the FTF’s.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation and happy future caching.

Meanwhile, he leaves the following note in the cache logs:

Up early this morning and since this cache hadn’t been logged yet I decided to go for it, Only to find it had actually been founf and logged yesterday 1st of May. Its great to cache anytime, but I plan my day on the off beat chance of a FTF when available.

PLEASE all Geocachers, POST your FTF in a timely manner…..

This cache is placed nicely and easy parking nearby, a great cache for the kids. TFTC, TFTH, SL

I notice this, and I sent him a small apology — basically, I got home last night, I was dead tired from being out all day, and the computer was in use so I couldn’t do it immediately. I figured the next morning was timely enough. It’s probably been about 17 hours [I found it about 5 last night, it was probably about 9:30 this morning when I got it logged] since I found it by the time I got it logged, but most of that time, I was sleeping. Besides, I think 24 hours is reasonable. I don’t think I’m in the wrong here — I think somebody’s making too much of a big deal of being the FTF.

(Which, neener neener, I was, so…)</immature>

And now that I’ve vented, I’ll try to push this out of the way — my therapist and I are working on remembering what I can and cannot control, and trying to be better about letting go of what I can’t.

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