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[corflu] A bit of inventory…

While my brain is still trying to process last weekend — part of my head wants to believe it was all a dream, but I suspect that’s somewhat due to a slight lack of sleep — I figure I’ll do a bit of inventory and a few housekeeping notes.

First, the housekeeping note: I posted this to the Corflu LJ page, but I’ll repeat it here. We’re doing another round of the virtual consuite one-shot. I have one contribution in the bag and one contribution definitively promised, (and, of course, I’m writing one) and I’d like to get a couple more in. Last year’s had a good contribution and I’d like to see this year’s be just as awesome. My email is, if you’re inclined to submit something.

Now inventory:
What I brought to Corflu: 47 copies of Rhyme #½
What I have: 19 copies — 18 good, one slightly crunched. Four are earmarked: 1 for Geri, 1 for Peter, 1 for Nic, and 1 in exchange for a zine that was mailed to me last year. That means I have 15 left and if anybody might want one, I am more than happy to mail it. It might be a while before I can do so — finances are still tight — but I’ll get them slowly mailed out, and as a bonus, if Rhyme #1 comes out, I’d probably go ahead and send that too. Let me know. (BTW, my plans for original print runs is to hand-stamp each with my logo stamp that a pal of mine gave me for Christmas. The Corflu copies, being the original print run of Rhyme #½, have a stamp on the lower left of the first page of text.)

I have a small pile of things I got in return, which I will happily document if anybody’s interested in that sort of thing.

In the meanwhile, I’m going to go to school and try to get my thoughts to behave a little more coherently.

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