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fanzine deadlines and other things

Getting things out of my head and into electrons:

R&P #1 (yes, I’m actually going with a whole number this time) is set for mid-May. It’s a potpourri issue, and I figure, much like #½, I’ll be writing most of it. (Working title: “katster went down to Corflu and other stories.”) My deadline is the end of the month if anybody wants to contribute anything. (Bob, I need to dig through the stacks of email and find what you mailed me, but I’m sure that’ll be in there.)

R&P #2 is set for mid-August (for distribution at Worldcon) and carries the working them of “Dreaming of Rockets”. No, not space program rockets, the shiny ones they hand to people at Worldcon. I’m going to ask a few people specifically for contributions, but if you have something to say — funny stories about Hugos and people winning them, your secret dreams of winning them, why they’re irrelevant — on any of them, not just the fannish ones. Deadline for this one is tentatively 7/31, but that could change.

(In the more distant future, R&P #3 is probably going to be another potpourri issue, sometime around November/December.)

As for the Corflu one-shot I’m supposed to be doing, it’s on my list — the last couple months went interestingly pear-shaped, and I think I’ve got a decent hold on things again. This is subject to change.

Anything else I’m forgetting?

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