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katster writes something of substance!

Hmmm...maybe I'll be more verbose now.

First, hi to valliegirl, whom I'd discovered, playing with the friend comparer that I found on lj_nifty had added me as a friend. So I returned the favor. :) Nifty surprise that was.

Went to see Monsters, Inc. again this weekend, this time with my mom's friend's munchkins. It still is pretty good. Okay, I guess I'm a Pixar fangirl. :) And the whole melting film incident was cool. Sitting there watching film bubble and melt experience I don't think I nor the kids will forget for a while. :)

Then we went to my cousins' birthday party. I fell asleep on the couch. I think this was a combination of not getting enough sleep, and a battle between me and a particularly nasty infection. Unfortunately, there's pain in my lower back now, so I'm beginning to wonder if perhaps it decided to spread despite the antibiotics.

Also discovered, much to my surprise, that despite the chemicals the doctors have me eating on a regular basis, I AM eligible to donate blood. Well, I'm not right now, 'cause I'm taking antibiotics for an infection, but once we clean this mess up, then I am. Makes me feel slighly bad that i was under the illusion the last four years that I was not eligible. Oh well, I'll rectify that. It's kinda my duty because when Mom was sick she needed lots and lots of blood transfusions. Anyway...yeah, like you wanted to know about me and blood. :)

Talked to zibblsnrt a few times onna phone, that was cool. Especially when I decided to call at 4 AM. Yes. He was still awake. :)

Today, well, besides cooking most of the dinner for my family, I also did nothing else. We'll see what tomorrow bodes, I'm going to bed now. I think that's everything exciting that's going on my life at the moment.

Oh yeah, one last thought. It rained today. That always makes me feel a little better.

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