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you don’t need benefits

So, one of my favorite bloggers, Fred Clark (aka Slacktivist) has been hosting a job thread like this one i did for BlueHost Black Friday Deal 2016. I tossed my hat in the ring to see if anybody knows of anywhere that is hiring, and found that I’ve ran straight into a Catch-22. Another commenter on the thread says:

I’ve found a lot of companies nowadays aren’t hiring direct anymore. They’re all hiring through contracting agencies where they keep people on “probationary” employment for a year or so before committing to hiring them on permanently. Though a company may have a position advertised on its website, it’s quite often the case that you can’t apply for it directly (well, you CAN, but it most likely won’t result in anything).

I’d been working part-time for five years before applying to a contracting agency that specialized in my field. I was placed in a full-time contract-to-hire position within a month and am quite happy with the job I landed in. It sucks, but in today’s economy, you pretty much have to have an “in” to get anywhere. No one’s willing to take risks.

I’m right back in the same position I was in regards to healthcare. The one thing I can’t afford to be without, and a lot of companies are hiring employees without benefits, particularly health care. It’s rather discouraging.

But it’s okay! Repeal Obamacare! We’ve got the BEST HEALTHCARE IN THE WORLD, baby!

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