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the results of the docs trip and assembler madness...

Welp...turns out the nausea and the dizziness and the pain in my back is all the result of a kidney infection. Whee. So, we're gonna switch antibiotics (the doc says that I prolly have a strain resistant to the first antibiotic). The funny thing is, the second antibiotic that they use to try and kill upper urinary tract infections (which is what I have) is called Cipro. Haw haw...

As for assembler a 24.5 on my last program and a 24 on my quiz. Lost half a point on both because I had figure of merits incorrectly explained to me. But it means my assembler grade stands at a 95.56% with 2 programs (50 pts), 1 quiz (25 pts), 1 midterm (100 pts), 1 final (100 pts), and one group project (40 pts). Still trying to keep it real.

Anyway, just to hang on a bit longer, and then I can go home.

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