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my friends list...

Got this idea from valliegirl, whom I guess swiped it from somebody else, but I figured it was a cool thing to do, so I'm doing it anyway. :) Here they are, all the people on my friends list, and what I like about them. In alphabetical order, because that was the best way of dealing with everybody in a fair manner.

kuangning--You use words in a wonderful fashion. Those words have at times brought me out of the pit of deepest despair; other times they have wounded me. Always they have made me think and feel in slightly different ways. Your decision to quit writing in your journal wounds me, as there are no longer those words and thoughts to keep me thinking. You're also a wonderful person, whom I miss dearly. Come back soon.

tanesmuti--One of my two bestest friends. You have always been there, unconditionally, through the good times and the bad times. You've got a sense of humor, you find a way to make me laugh, and you're not afraid to stand up and kick ass when somebody's ass needs kicking. I'm proud to be your mop head, especially when I'm too busy wallowing in my own self-piety to notice. ;) (cue Dar Williams, "Wilder than Her")

coldfury--Ah, Fury. The thing I like most about you is that you're never afraid to stand up for what you believe in. At least, that's the thing I've noticed. It's a good thing.

damienroc--Hell of a baseball fan. And he's always finding something new, interesting and cool for me to look at. And he's not too weirded out by the gang on the jihad side of the server...

fb--Always a welcome blast of cynicism to counter my optimism. ;) And a decent guy, if you lift up all the layers. But I didn't tell you that.

fearghaill--I got to know him through zibblsnrt and yushion, but he's shown himself to be a decent guy who's supported me through some tough times and celebrated the good. When I make it to Halifax, I wanna meet you, second only to Zibby himself. :)

feralscot--DS. He draws good pictures, he's a hell of a MOO coder, and he's one of the neatest people I've ever met.

galith--What first attracted me to Galith was the way he wrote. We're still getting to know each other as people, but it looks very promising.

jesselman--I stuck you on my list when I was adding all the #improers I could. I haven't gotten to know you all that well, but I'm looking forward to the chance, possibly soon...

joii--Somebody who's been on and off my friends list for all kinds of reasons...but I like her ability to use the written word and her strength of feeling.

jrenken--Mr. Sysadmin! Herring's gone down and I let the penguin drive! Cal puts up with a hell of a lot of nonsense, and still manages to keep his good humor and sanity. I'm proud to consider him as somebody in my closest circles.

jwmo--Jake's quiet, but I hear rumors he's a pretty good musician and of course he roots for Nebraska. What's not to like about him...except the Nebraska part... ;)

killjoy_--My IRC notation for KJ still reads "overclocking UPS guy". Okay, he no longer works for UPS, so that part doesn't work anymore, but if you want to know anything about computers or racing, he's the guy to go see. And he's a good listener too.

karenhealey--Another improer, but I didn't add her in my first binge of adding improfolk. I actually met her through NaNoWriMo, a project with which she is doing admirably well, and I am doing absolutely lousy. Figures. I don't know her very well yet, but... :)

loopychew--The only other person on LJ who is crazy enough to deal with MIPS assembler. For that, if nothing else, I give him major props. And he's also a nice guy.

lurkerdrome--Lurk is an interesting sort. Opinionated and not afraid to show it either. I'm glad I've gotten to be somewhat friends with me, and I really liked the way he looked after me every time I showed up on IRC.

madforry--Forry's the sort of guy you can't keep down. He's always the cheerfully manic one on channel, and at times has given us all that needed smile.

magister--Somebody I met when I signed up for his community (ludus). I haven't had a chance to contribute yet, but I like some of the challenging thoughts he's given me about the nature of God and of the universe.

melstar--Knows how to have fun, and the dedication to the man she calls 'mi amor' is quite impressive. Keep it up, Mel! :)

millenia-- In many ways, I've seen myself in his writings. They've given me a new way to contemplate some of my own faults, and remind me that they're not necesarily faults. He's also an interesting guy to hang around with.

mrfnord--When I first joined the Jihad, this was the man whose writings I thought were the best. He was easily the best writer in the long rambling op known as the Marraketh Connection, as much as he may protest to the contrary. Since then, he's become my taskmaster and dare I say it? my friend. And the mangos always brighten a festive occassion. :)

mythchan--One hell of an artist, but the thing I most admire about Myth? It was her wanting to make sure all the facts were correct this summer instead of buying into one side of the story. That was really cool.

nekoneko--Fellow travelers we are. The person who is probably my closest friend from improland. She's kept a great sense of humor in the face of a hell of a lot of adversity, and I'm glad to know you. :)

nickm--Nick's a quiet sort too, at least from what I've seen. Yet, he seems to get into some of the most interesting scrapes I've ever heard of. And all this living in a quiet town in the middle of Iowa. :)

phenyx--We've had an interesting relationship, but I'm happy with where it's ended up. If I want to know something about unix or computers, phen is one of the people I ask. And he's become quite the inspiration for me attempting to apply to grad skewl because he went ahead and pursued a dream. Thanks for that, phen, and thanks for being my friend.

primis--Another person I'd like to know better. He seems to be a cool guy from what I've seen, though.

puppeteer--Aye! It's Pupp! Actor Man! Hell of a good writer, tends to procrastinate like me (exactly who's turn is it on Gimmick #1, anyway...?) and a hell of a good friend. Also the guy who got me into the Cult of Kevin Smith.

scr--Blurry! I'm sorry I forgot you. You're always coming up with something entertaining in channel, and I'm glad you decided to start hanging out with us nuts.

shadur--Dwagon. He's always been there for me, in his quiet manner, for as long as I can remember. And another one of the people I ask if I have computer or linux problems. Here's a bulk tape eraser for your troubles. :)

sukionmars--I met Suki through whitestar2 and on IRC. She's a bit of a newbie to the channel, but I'd miss her if she was to leave, and I'm glad Ship convinced her that IRC was a good way to hone her English skills. :)

tangaroa--Another quiet sort, who's the sole remaining active member of the DE...but he's somebody that's fooled with computers and their recalcitrant ways to make him another trusted member of the advisory committee on computer affairs. Also, keeping the record of George W. Bush's presidency, which I find interesting.

tropism--Sev's another guy I don't know all that well, but I'm beginning to meet him. And I'm glad that while I was in the throes of deepest depression, he bothered to ask me how I was and care about how I was doing. That means a lot.

twoflower--I like 2F's entries, even when he's recounting a weekend where he hasn't gotten a lot done. That's writing talent, stuff I wouldn't mind having. I need to start reading UE, because I might like this one from everything I've heard. You're an amazing guy, 2F.

valliegirl--The person who inspired this in the first place. And a person I was suprised to discover on my friends list. I have no idea where she found me, but it's been an interesting couple weeks reading her journal. So, thanks for finding me interesting enough to read, and for giving me this idea. I look forward to getting to know you in the weeks and months ahead!

whitestar2--the crazy Israeli. ;) The person who's doing way more awesome than I am on NaNoWriMo, and one of the most sensitive folks I've had the pleasure of knowing and doing business with. I'm glad to know you, Ship, and thanks for being there when I've needed a hug.

yushion--I'm simply amazed at some of the stuff C has been able to accomplish and stand up to. I don't know her very well, except through Zibby and her LJ posts, but she seems to be a nice person, and she's another person I look forward to meeting once I can get myself to Halifax.

zibblsnrt--My other bestest friend. (ironic that my two bestest friends are the second from the top and second from the bottom, but I think that's coincidence). Zibby has stood by me no matter what mood I've been in, and he has never let go. I WILL make it to Halifax. I will. Because I'd like to, for the first time, give a real hug to the guy who has helped me make it through the worst year on record. Thank you, Zibby, you've been the best thing that's happened to me all year too. :)

zorbathut--Last, but not least, we have Zorba. Zorb just scares me, frankly. One hell of a programmer, a really good writer, and he showed me the true meaning of friendship just last week when he worried like hell what had happened to kuangning. Zorb, you're an inspiration, and I'm glad to count you among my friends.

...whew! done. Hope it helps. :)

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