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Lots to say...

Haven't wrote a lot in the last few days. There's been a ton of stuff going on. What has the katster been up to?

Well, I took a math test, and surprised myself at how well I did on it. If the final (Tuesday, 8 AM) goes as nicely, I'll be stylin'. I got a 94, which really shocked me after three successive test scores of 74, 75 and 75. And I think I only need to get a 12 or so on the final to get a C, which makes me happy.

We also took our hands on final. Got a 94 on that too, but I could have done better if I'd had five more minutes to look things over. Didn't even see that Doug had (evilly!) switched serial cables on my router. Was five minutes from figuring that out when I ran out of time. And I didn't know there was a time limit. Blah. But a 94 isn't bad.

And I got to see mom for the first time in a week. And she was doing real well. It looks like it'll go well from here on out. Her last day of chemo on this round is today (Sunday). Happy, happy, happy news. So all is going well. And the real good news is simply this. The type of leukemia Mom came down with has an 80% CURE rate. Not remission rate. But CURE rate. A cure in cancer is defined as five years cancer free. That's really, really, REALLY good news.

Which makes me realize how much like Uncle Doug Mom could have been. Similiar situation, about eight or nine months ago, Uncle Doug got suddenly ill and was rushed to the hospital. But unlike Mom, he was told that he had six months to two years to live. Brain cancer is really nasty stuff. But Uncle Doug was brave until the end, and he passed away peacefully Friday morning. May his soul rest in peace.

Last but not least, my sis and I went to see Shrek last night. In general, I'm just a fan of CGI animation, but it was awesome. Funny, heartwrenching, and very entertaining. I fully recommend it. The music is good, the animation is awesome...and the voice talents are wonderful. Go see it if you get the chance.

Unfortunately, there's some bad stuff going on through this. I don't want to say much, and I'm half asleep at the moment....but....y'know, baiting people is stupid. Poisoning the well is stupid. Every life has worth, even lives you or I might hate. I don't care much about fighting, sometimes it's necesary to establish where we all stand, but turning around and trying to badmouth the person your fighting in places where they aren't in an attempt to get people on your side...that's kinda pathetic.

Anyway, I should sleep now. This has been a katster update.

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