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Okay, that was a fscking odd dream...

It involved the Taco train, Kevin Smith writing a script about Calc and (which I was apperantly in the script as "Skater"), phen being in my assembler class (it was phen who had talked Kevin into writing the script about Cal in the first place), an entry in some random book defining heft as "phen looking for a book weighter than some vLAN spec to give Amber and Kat once they passed Assembler", and phen was kinda like Jason in some aspects. Oh yeah, and Amber tried to give me a chevron card that had been passed around the nation, Professor Chang (my nutrisci teacher freshman year at Berkeley) being my assembler teacher, and him actually being the dad of my first freshman year roommate. ("You didn't tell me? I spent all that time complaining to you, and you never once said a word?"). And Doug was the assembler teacher too, in a very baffling and odd way. And there was a computer lab in the middle of the swamp. And Frisbee (one of my HS teachers) occupied a computer room outside of our assembler rooms.

Don't ask. I think my head is fucked up.

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