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[PocketLJ] Bored in Microsoft class

So here I am, bored as hell, and typoing repeatedly in Graffitti™ mode. It's prolly a good thing i don't have a network connection, I'd be typoing all over the channel. It's partially because of the sucky way I'm trying to enter text. I normally grasp a pen near the tip, and now that I move my grasp closer to the pen, I am much more accurate and faster too.
But enough of the vagarities of the text entry. I'm sitting here trying to see what I can do with my homework that can be both quiet and unintrusive. I've got both my Assembler binder and my psych journal assignment out here. I strangely have this sudden urge to try and stay caught up in my classes.
Anyway, I started typing in here so that I could share my journal assignment for psych class.
"Think about two or three of your important beliefs. How do they influence the way you perceive the world? How do they affect your behavior? How do you feel about and deal with those who do not share your very important beliefs? Be honest in answering this question. Be specific and give examples."
I'll have to think about this one for a while.

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