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roller coaster day...

I'm not sure if it was the weather, or what, but I spent today on a roller coaster ride. It wasn't the most fun thing I could have conjured to do with my time, but hey, it works.

Anyway, I started the day off at seven this morning, and got to put on nice happy warm jeans fresh from the dryer. This was good, because it didn't get over 42F (that's about 5C for those of you playing along in the metric countries) all freaking day. It was bloody cold. But it was too warm for snow.

This sucks, because I'm the sort, I like snow. It's rare enough around here to be an actual cool thing. And when it gets cold, every schoolkid knows that there's a chance we might see snow in the valley. And the fact that I was freezing and that it was too warm for snow was not making me happy.

It was not warm enough not to sleet, though. And sleet is just unfair. There's ice crystals all over your jacket and hat, but it's not snow, so it just sucks miserably.

And note that on my trip home, I was contending with 50mph gusts of wind. I swear, at points this afternoon, it seriously looked like we were riding out a hurricane, the gusts were so fast. This, of course, makes traffic a mess, and controlling a van when you're trying to do 70 and the wind is pushing back at close to's hard to keep control in those circumstances.

But I made it home, to find one of the bright spots in my day. A package for me sitting on the kitchen table, courtesy of he whom I will not mention in case he gets in trouble with his union... ;) Anyway, it kinda helped make the sleet and the cold and the stupid freeway problems not so signifigant.

But I'm tired now, and I need to sleep. And I'm still cold.

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