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whee, what a day.

details follow, but first more from the random LJ poetry generator...

I have a network connection, I'd be a good mood
from the most fun thing. Make the text entry. A
kid out. And theres no. How much more my
grasp psych journal assignment out.

Even my therapist is worried about this lack of sleep thing. What lack of sleep thing? Well, I've managed to not sleep well for four or five nights running and I guess I looked visibly tired. And I pulled out my Palm and showed him the hell I'm in at the moment (deliniated below). And as it is, it's almost midnight, and I'm going to be getting back up in six hours. Now, six hours for one night is fine. six hours (as a maximum) for almost a week running is bad news. Especially since being bipolar should mean that I attempt to stay a bit more stable, and thus get more sleep.

But I have so much going on, and no time to concentrate. I'm literally about to go bonkers anyway, not sleeping is kinda the least of my worries at the moment. Tomorrow I have a psych test and a powerpoint final (not really worried about the powerpoint final, I AM worried about the psych test) as well as registering for classes. This weekend, I'm studying pretty much through it...because next week looks like:

Assembler Quiz

Tuesday: possible math test
subnetting excercise due

Wednesday: Psych Journal #3 due
Assembler presentation
possible math test
possible psych presentation

Thursday: Absolutely nothing *shock*

Friday: Powerpoint Presentation
possible psych presentation

...and that doesn't count the three finals and program that are due during finals week.

So...I will sleep now.


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