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days and days and days and days!

too much is due tomorrow, but here's what happened today.

I took an assembler quiz, think I did fine on it. I went to math and microsoft class. They were both boring as hell. Then I came home and found two packages on my bed. One was expected, although my sister telling me it came from N-somewhere she thought it was Newfoundland was funny.

That package was from Zibby, and the Christmas present is sitting under the tree waiting for christmas.

The other one was a real surprise. This October, I'd entered a contest at AM/PM to win a trip to the Pac-10 rivalry game of your choice. I, of course, entered with every intention of going to Big Game and rooting on my Bears. Well, I didn't win the trip (obviously) but the other package had a letter in it informing me I'd won first place, which is a Pac-10 conference football shirt. Wai! Go Pac-10!

Anyway, Zibby's on top of me that I need to go to bed...and I've got a long busy day ahead of me, so I think I'm going to actually listen for once. So g'night everyone.

*tip* *thud* *zzzzzzz*

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