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another weird ass dream

This one is weird, because I haven't played in nomine in a while, so maybe it's in nomine withdrawl that's causing this one.

Anyway, I was an angel and I maintained this lantern that was important because it would be like how God made his presence known to a frightened humanity. And I'm not sure this was because of the lamp or some other reasons, but i was friend of this other angel named Omar who was somehow in charge, but I didn't quite get how Laurence (the head of the Host in official cannon) had lost his job, or even if he'd had. Anyway, Omar liked having me around.

Anyway, the demons were trying to start armageddon every year at new years. And every year we managed to fight them off, and somehow I managed to be the hero of every year, despite doing stupid things at times.

Anyway, the last part, just before I woke up, is that I was fetched to get michael and told him the head wanted to see him, and he said "Laurence?" and I said, "Nah, Omar." and he laughed. He also said something about skulky Domicians, and I got a lecture for calling him a hero...'twas really weird.

My brain is really into odd dreams these days.

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