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What a day...

First I wake up around 12:30 this afternoon, because my sister reminds me of an appointment I have. So I get ready to go talk to my therapist. My therapist is really cool, he's kinda ex-hippie, and I like talking to him. Anyway, I'd brought in my copy of The Year 1000: What Life Was Like at the Turn of the First Millennium and he and I got to talking. Now, he knows I'm an avid bookreader, and writer, because I always either have my writer's notebook, a sci-fi novel, or some history book I'm absorbed in. As we're talking, he pulls a book out of his bookshelf and told me I'd prolly like it, and before the session was over, he ended up lending it to me.

It's called True Hallucinations and it's by Terence McKenna, and it's about his trip into the jungle searching for things that make your brain twist in odd ways. It's on the reading list as soon as I get through the first book I mentioned.

Later on in the convo, we're talking about the Joss House in Weaverville, which led us to a diversion of the I-Ching. The only exposure to the I-Ching I'd had was in Philip K. Dick's The Man in the High Castle, a trippy book on the nature of reality. Most of Dick's books are trippy, but TMitHC is more so than most. And it deals with an occupied United States at the end of the Second World War.

Anyway, he pulls out his yellow copy of the I-Ching, and of course I'm interested, so he gives me a name for a beginner's guide. But he also said that, if I could find it, I should get my own copy of the yellow book, it being the first ever English translation. I'm like, okay, and I said I'd look for it when I hit the used bookstores.

I'd had plans to go to the used bookstore on Bechelli right after my appointment anyway, because it's one of the cooler places in town, and it's right near where I go for my therapy appointments. And today I had an ulterior motive, because I thought I'd found a copy of the Mage: The Ascencion RPG there but hadn't bought it.

Turns out, it was the Player's Guide. But it was a good thing I stopped in. Because I walked out of the bookstore with a copy of the I-Ching yellow book, a copy of Illuminatus! and a Pratchett book I had not read yet. (And the only Pratchett book I want to read more than Guards! Guards, which is the book I picked up, is Moving Pictures.) All in all, it was a good thing I'd stopped in.

Anyway, afterward we go to visit Mom. She wasn't feeling well today, had a bit of a migrane, and it was enough of a concern that she was waiting to go be hauled down for a CAT scan. So hopefully, that's all it was. We'll see.

And then we went home. I haven't gotten much done tonight, but that's okay. I did stop back in an old channel on IRC, and I think I'll start hanging out there again, the one guy I never saw welcomed me back with open arms, so that was cool.

And I did get a small piece of writing done, which I doubt will amount to anything, but here it is, because it's just simply cool:

"People had reason to celebrate the end of the second millennium. After all, they had gone from pickaxes to nuclear weapons, and somehow managed to survive and thrive. Even the tricky problem of computers and dates were easily solved, and the world eased into the third millennium unaware of what was about to happen to them.

"After all, the Change and the Chaos were still in their future. Perhaps they were the lucky ones."

--A History of the Change and Chaos, Daniel Becker, Univ. of California Press.

Anyway, tomorrow is novel day. Wish me luck.

Oh yeah, and I suck at the game Fallout, but it's still a ton of fun.


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