the one and only truly amazing katster (katster) wrote,
the one and only truly amazing katster


[20:27] *** Zibblsnrt ( has joined
[20:27] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Zibblsnrt
[20:27] <Zibblsnrt> hiho
[20:28] <katster> Zibby!
[20:28] <katster> *dons her shades and ear protection*
[20:28] <katster> *pushes down switch*
[20:28] <katster> The channel lights up much like the house in National Lampoon's Christmas vacation. In other words, the walls glow with the might of a thousand suns. In the mix are seizure inducing blinky lights. Animatronic figures wave at the new arrival.
[20:28] <katster> Somewhere you can hear the sound of twelve drummers drumming and eleven pipers piping, but it's drowned out by the soundtrack of ABBA's greatest Christmas hits and the deafening volumes.
[20:28] <katster> Somehow you notice Shad and Ari seem to look like Santa and his wife...
[20:28] <katster> HAH! :)
[20:28] <Zibblsnrt> ...
[20:28] <Zibblsnrt> :)
[20:28] <katster> I am NOT a christmas tree. ;)
[20:28] * Zibblsnrt plugs kat in anyway. %)
[20:28] * katster threatens Zibby with the mistletoe.
[20:28] <katster> :)
[20:29] <Zibblsnrt> hehe
[20:29] * katster turns off the lights.
[20:30] * katster also unplugs herself.
[20:30] <Zibblsnrt> bah. %( %)
[20:32] <ari> and you people wonder why i don't celebrate christmas. ;)
[20:33] <katster> This has been an ongoing game. He started it. ;)
[20:34] <ari> it's horrendous.
[20:34] <Zibblsnrt> *thbbbbt*
[20:34] * ari brb's caffeine is done brewing
[20:34] <katster> ari: we're burning a Yule log.
[20:34] <katster> :)
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