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o/~ not a martyr or a saint... o/~

Here we are, three AM, and I'm staring at a blank LJ window. I've been spending all day either poking around LJs, out and about (dentist appointments suck), or just watching movies. But before I start randoming, a few rambleshoutouts towards folks I have listed as friends.

Hi, Pupp, welcome aboard this crazy LJ thing. As I said to you this morning, it's a nice place to rant and stuff, and they say that writing about something, anything, every day improves your writing skills.

Ari's gotten obsessed with finding the Pippi Longstocking theme in every language on the planet. Well...everybody's gotta have a hobby. ;)

Neko, that's awesome news, I hope it all goes as planned for you and Rob. I've got a success story to relay to you one of these days, poke me when we're both on IRC together.

Jo, interesting song. Reminds me I need to start fiddling with my guitar again. But first, I need to get an ace bandage. :P's been a long night. I watched Dogma and X-Men tonight, both movies that are rather high on my list of favorite movies for different reasons, and I've just now realized that I'm gonna have to go back and see every Kevin Smith movie ever made now. But that's okay, if they're even half as hilarious and briliant as Dogma was, I'll have no problem. Besides, my favorite character was definitely silent bob (played by smith himself, I discovered, ultra coooool!), and from what I've been told, Jay and Silent Bob are like a trademark of Kevin Smith movies.

X-Men...well, I'm not sure what about it appeals to me. Maybe the idea of being different. No matter what, it's a cool flick. Not as brilliant as Dogma, and definitely not as cool of a story, but still...interesting. Trying to convince my sister to sit down and watch it with me. Like that'll happen. She refuses to watch any movie I like because "she doesn't like that science fiction crap." I'm not even gonna try to get her to watch Dogma.

In the small world department, I was poking around the weblogs from Anderson, California (all five of us, woo) and discovered one of the bloggers is a friend of a friend. Small world. My sis even showed me his yearbook picture from last year. :) Cool.

went to the dentist today too, have five cavities, four left over from my last dental appointment. Would have gotten away with just the four, but he had to go poking at one more tooth and found a little one...but at least I finally get the two big nasty ones that ache all the time fixed.

Oh yeah, and I splurged. I like the service the LJ people are giving, it's in my nature to support good causes, so I spent the buckage on an account. :) I also picked up a Perl anti-DMCA shirt (woo!) and a Tux sticker. And I have books coming in the mail. Now hopefully UPS won't lose them this time.

That's all for tonight. Catch you more tomorrow.

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