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How da fsck did it get to be Christmas eve?

Wow, December 24th. Hard to believe that tomorrow's Christmas. It hasn't felt like Christmas. I'm not sure exactly why this has happened, if everything's muted because of the events of last fall, or the weather, or the fact that finals ran right straight into Christmas this year. Or maybe a combination of all of them.

So, there's a few random thoughts rambling around my head. I'm gonna discuss them all here, but I'll cut this right here to save you from the long post.

I know, thanksgiving's the holiday where you write what you're thankful about, but I've noticed that more around Christmas this year. There's a lot of things I'm thankful for. One of them is finally getting enough distance to understand the events of this last year. It's been over a hundred days since the disasterous Tuesday in September, can you believe that?

And that's where emotions building up came to a smashing spectacular halt. The fire that had burned all spring and summer flashed its biggest flame.

And in that flame iron was tempered into steel, the once broken blade became whole again. In that moment of heat and light, I gained somebody whom I suddenly knew would never ever leave me alone to fight the demons by myself.

And I'm thankful every day for Patrick, for being there and stuff. :)

Anyway, let's see, what else...Oh yeah. it's really childish to bait folks into responding. Grow up. And that's all I'll say on that subject.

Evaluating my grad school chances. There might be hope, although the relevant work experience scares me. I'm hoping sysadmin and CCNA might cover that gap. As soon as Christmas is over and done with, that becomes my full time project. That and reading LotR.

And joii, good thoughts going out your way for your friend. I hope he gets better soon and you guys can manage to work it out.

I think that's it for right now...more later, as I think of it.

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