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Merry Christmas? Sha-yah, right.

Season's Greetings, everyone. I think that's non-holiday specific enough to work.

Feeling a bit under the weather tonight. Yesterday was a hard day. I couldn't get the internet to work, my mom and I had a bit of a fight over the room, and we (my sister and I) were snapped at repeatedly. Oh yeah, and we both got whacked tonight about something stupid. And sometimes people wonder why I think so highly of myself. *bitter laugh*.

And now I've woken up and the headache that sent me to bed in the first place is gone, but not the feelings. Because I found out, randomly from my dad, that he somehow screwed up the net connection. On purpose. Under orders from my mom.

And you want me to trust you? You want me to be able to tell you anything? You're the ones that are making it difficult for me to talk about it with the people who have LIVED up to the title. You're the ones that told me, growing up, that trust is a two way street. And then you go and pull this stunt...and you want me to TRUST you?

[ this point my mom wandered in the room and made me talk about what I was upset about...and first of all, she didn't order Dad to shut it off, Dad shut it off on his own initiative when Mom asked him if it was possible. And the fiasco this evening was more to get Jill to shut up than me...and now I feel like an even lousier prick.]

There's lots of reasons I feel stupid this year, and stuff. It's just 2k1 hauling back and booting me in the teeth one more time.

Merry fucking Christmas everybody. [Replace with appropriate sentiment for holiday of your choice.]

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