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Except for a few gifts straggling in over the next few weeks, Christmas is over for another year. And not a moment too soon.

Christmas is a stressful holiday at our house. I've learned that first hand this month. I think I've done more crying these last few days than I did I the past few weeks. One is that it's hard for a bipolar to keep up with medication with everything else going on, so I haven't been as good at taking my stabilizer as I that doesn't help with general moodswingyness. I tend to be a reflector, and mom gets depressed around Christmas anyway. And the holiday season is chock full of external stressors's a wonder if a bipolar makes it through mostly unscathed.

But yeah, it's definitely downhill from here, though I have no doubts 2k1 is gonna go out kicking and aiming for the teeth. But somehow, I've survived through the whole fucking mess, and I've come out stronger for it. And I'm not the only one. I'm glad for a lot of folks, most of whom I've mentioned before, and that they helped me get through it. Take a bow.

I got a lot of kitchen weaponry too, from my folks, so I'll have the best defended kitchen ever. I got a mixer, and a blender, and a toaster over, and baking pans, and strainers, and a cutting board, and glass pans and storage bowls. I also got an iron and a printer and a digital camera. My friends gave me books, and I really like the one Zibby gave me to get revenge for all my Canadian history questions. Apperantly, if it's not in the book he gave me, it doesn't exist. ;) And Cal gave me two cool books, and Ship gave me one that looks interesting. And then my friend Eileen gave me a Far Side desk calendar. I am one happy katster.

Oh yeah, for fun with digicam? check out

and now, one last thought...

My mom was depressed today. She told me not to spoil Christmas, so I was afraid I'd managed to fuck up again and spoil it anyway...

Turns out, that's not quite the case.

My sister was her usual ungrateful self, and managed to come across to mom that she hated her presents, using such choice phrases as "I feel like I'm getting married." To mom, whom this christmas season was her first major shopping since...April..., this stung.

Add in my dad being his usual wait until the last minute self...

Recipie for disaster.

And the only person in the house she wasn't mad at and upset with...was me. The one worried all afternoon that she'd managed to fuck Christmas up after all.

Gee, I feel like an idiot now.

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