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keeb mayhem...

[01:48] * keebler burrows into the floor
[01:50] <keebler> they'll never take me alive!
[01:50] * katster pulls out the Axe[tm].
[01:50] * katster grins a sadistic grin at keeb.
[01:51] * keebler holds his ground, wielding the shovacle
[01:51] * katster advances on the elf.
[01:52] * keebler lets fly the first round of squid!
[01:53] * katster hacks them out of the air and continues to advance on the elf.
[01:54] <keebler> careful not to slip on them...
[01:54] <katster> I'm wearing my non-slip shoes.
[01:55] <keebler> ok, then look out for El Quebong then
[01:55] * keebler heaves an alarm clock at kat's head. *KABONG*
[01:55] <katster> Ow!
[01:55] <keebler> dirty rotten copper
[01:55] * katster whacks out with the axe, catching the end of keebie's shovacle.
[01:56] <katster> Then you shouldn't have carried it into battle.
[01:56] * keebler reattaches the severed bit with airplane glue
[01:57] * katster attacks keebie while he's distracted!
[01:57] <keebler> well, i can't very well defend myself with baloon doggies
[01:57] * keebler disappears in a haze of squid
[01:58] * Shad-Asleep eyes thereg's whois record. The fuck?
[01:58] * keebler glues kat's Axe[tm] to a mcdonald's playland
[01:58] <katster> AAARGH.
[01:58] <keebler> take that, y'lousy copper!
[01:58] * katster uses nail polish remover to get it free.
[01:59] * katster uses the extra leftover on keebie.
[01:59] * keebler 's nail polish vanishes
[01:59] <katster> no more war paint for you!
[01:59] <keebler> but i looked so cool :(
[02:00] <katster> well, I'm sorry then. You'll just have to repaint it.
[02:00] * keebler decorates himself in macaroni and glitter
[02:01] <keebler> i'll blind my foes with LUXURY!
[02:02] * katster hefts the Axe[tm].
[02:02] * keebler grabs onto the back of it for dear life!
[02:02] * katster pounds it into the wall.
[02:03] <keebler> *kabong*
[02:03] <katster> cool.
[02:03] * katster does it again, see if keeb will make the same sound.
[02:03] <keebler> *thbppptt*
[02:05] <katster> ooh, even better. *whack*
[02:05] <keebler> ow!
[02:06] * keebler pogos back to his hideyhole
[02:07] * katster tosses the Axe[tm] back in its rift for next time.
[02:07] * keebler covers kat in squidgut!
[02:07] <keebler> hah! i fool you again!
[02:08] <katster> eek!
[02:08] * katster tackles keebie.
[02:08] <keebler> eww, squiddy %P
[02:08] <katster> 'zactly, that's what you get.
[02:10] * keebler explodes

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