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Damn. It's 2 AM, and I really ought to sleep. Avoid being grounded again. ;)

Just watched O Brother, Where Art Thou? again, and it's still as funny as heck. The dog is kicking up a ruckus because the cat is deeming to share the bed with her. Here's a picture of what it looks like...
pets share the bed
(gee, it's so much fun having a digicam...)

Anyway, I'm going back to reading the book I'm in the middle of. Yes, that's the one Autumn's sorta lying on in the foreground. My favorite quote so far. "...that the main difference between a Canadian and an American is how upset a Canadian gets when you mix the two up." Although, I gotta admit, you Canadians have had some interesting leadership. %)

So, g'night e'eryone, and stay safe.
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