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more rantings on grad skewl and things of that magnitude.

Anyway...I promised I'd rant s'more on the Evil ETS and stuff, so here goes.

Educational Testing Services, aka ETS, is a pretty big name in the educational testing business. They're the ones that administer the SAT and the Advanced Placement Exams. Lesser known to people is what's known as the GRE or Graduate Record Examination (affectionately called the "Jerry" by stressed college students). The GRE is a test most graduate schools require, and I've had it explained to me as the SAT of grad school.

Anyway. The GRE, like most exams of its magnitude, has provisions for disabled students. I figure, no problem, I've been with the disabled students program at Berkeley since Nov 21, 1997, and it's not gonna be problematic for me to get extended time on this monster. Helen, the swell person at DSP who's been looking after my case, filed the appropriate letters, and I thought, well, no problem.


About February, I get this call from ETS. They need "further documentation" of my disability. As I talked to the lady on the other end of the phone, it became clear they wanted my complete medical records. This stinks of illegality, but I have nowhere really to complain to, besides DoJ, and well, I should have filed the appeal months ago. At least they haven't bothered me since calling at 6 AM one fine morning.

But it's just another worry in the grad skewl sweepstakes.

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