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Looking back...

What a year.

I entered 2001 frustrated, because grad skewl was out of the plans for the coming year. Of course, as events played out, that turned out to be a good thing, but I didn't know that at the time. My creative drought seemed unendable, and my friendships with my old friends seemed to be falling apart. Oh yeah, and I was facing being sued over

The year started off bad and proceeded to get worse.

January was a quiet month, except for worrying about the lawyers for Lyons. February was the month I crashed my car out, and tore ligaments in my knee.

March was relatively quiet too, compared to the other messes. April was the mess with Fulc. May was horrible, between IRC exploding and my mom getting sick. June, July, and August were more of the same, with the bright spot of July and getting out of this house.

September...well, no words need to be said about that.

October and November were random bouts and depression and sickness, and December's prolly been the best month of the year. And I think that's everything...

I mean, some good happened. I got my CCNA. I became better friends with Zibby...and it's been worth it, in my opinion.

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