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the one and only truly amazing katster
21 November
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Me in four lines.

Kat Templeton <katster@retstak.org> # http://www.retstak.org/
jihaddi, sysadmin, historian, Bear fan, # "If I have weaknesses,
student, rp'er, writer, neophyte coder. # don't let them blind me now."
the one and only katster, Cal class of 2000 # Paul Simon, "The Coast"

Me in more lines:

Uh. Hi. Lesse...is this thing on? Yeah. I'm katster. I'm a twentysomething currently living at home and taking care of my mother. You can find out more about me here: http://www.retstak.org/me.php. It's slightly out of date -- I'll get around to fixing it someday.

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